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Our Programs

90% of a child’s brain develops in the first five years. A child's experiences in the first five years shape health, growth, learning, character, and happiness. At Dahlonega Country Day Academy, our teachers bring to life our time-tested learning approach .


Our number one priority at Dahlonega Country Day is to provide a save and nurturing environment for your child. Our staff is committed to going above and beyond to be sure all our students are always secure.


We find it an HONOR to have the opportunity to serve our military families. We are blessed to have several military wives as teachers, helping to bridge the gap between the known and unknown for our military families.
About Us

Welcome to DCD Academy!

We are a full-service preschool tucked away in the beautiful mountains of Dahlonega Georgia!

We are a CAPS provider and a THREE STAR QUALITY RATED SCHOOL with low teacher-student ratios. All of our classes have at least two teachers in every class, every day!

Baby Cottage

Our infant program is designed to provide each child with the love, care, and attention they need to feel safe and secure in a home-like setting.
  • Age: 6 weeks - 1 year
  • Ratio: 1:4

Toddler 1 & 2

Our Toddler 1 & 2 rooms are full of fun and exciting activities! They are designed to encourage the growth and development necessary to establish a firm foundation for your child's education.
  • Age: 1-2 year olds
  • Ratio: 1:6

Toddler 3

Our Toddler 3 room is designed for active minds and bodies, keeping children engaged with a variety of activities daily.
  • Age: 3 year olds
  • Ratio: 1:8

Threes and Fours

Our 'Eager Learners' are our older three and four-year-old children. This classroom is designed to prepare each child for Pre-K!
  • Age: 3-4 year olds
  • Ratio: 1:10

Private Pre-K

Our Private Pre-K program is designed to teach to the standards set by the Georgia Department of Early Childcare and Learning for Pre-K classes.
  • Age: 4-5 years old
  • Ratio: 1:10

GA Pre-K

We offer three full-service Georgia Pre-K classrooms. Each lead teacher has a Bachelor’s Degree and each assistant teacher has a CDA, TCC, or is Paraprofessional certified.
  • Age: 4-5 years old
  • Ratio: 1:11


These children follow an afternoon schedule that allows them to complete their homework, have a snack, play fun games, and do arts and crafts all in a couple of hour's time!
  • Age: K - 5th grade
  • Ratio: 1:12

Summer Camp

In our full-service summer program campers enjoy a variety of field trips that are not only exciting and adventurous but are educational as well.
  • Age: school-age children
  • Ratio: 1:12

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At Dahlonega Country Day children are provided the opportunity to grow intellectually,
emotionally, socially and physically in a nurturing environment.
We can't wait to meet you and your child!

Early Learning Domains

Approach to Learning

Each child learns in different ways.  We provide teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate children’s natural curiosity and to support each child while building problem solving skills and confidence.

Science & Engineering

Children are natural scientists. They use their senses and special technological tools to observe and investigate their world.

Language & Literacy

The early years are critical for literacy development. From sign language and story time in younger classrooms, to phonological awareness and emergent reading and writing in our older classrooms.

Creative Arts

Visual and creative arts stimulate imagination and creative thinking. Creative play helps to develop a preschoolers confidence, language, physical and thinking skills, imagination, and emotional understanding.

Social Studies

Our social studies domain helps children understand themselves and their relationships with family and friends. They learn how they are alike or different from their friends.

Physical Development

Active children become active adults. We show your child fun ways to practice proper techniques for movement, balance and motor skills with plenty of time to slide, climb and run on our age-appropriate playgrounds.


Early experiences with math help children to develop reasoning skills, inventiveness, and persistence in problem solving.

Social & Emotional

Research shows social-emotional intelligence is one of the best predictors of future success. Our approach to social and emotional growth weaves character development and life skills into daily experiences

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